Personalized Design FAQs

Turtle & Tortoise Crossing

Personalized Design FAQs

What is Personalized Design? 

After you place your order, you can send me 2-3 photos of your turtles/reptiles/pets, and I'll pick the best one and turn it into an illustration art. I'll have you reviewed the final work before we turn it into keychain, magnet, sticker, or 5x7 art photo of your choice. I may throw in a couple bonus with your order as well. 

What are the photo requirements? 

•Please set your image setting on your digital camera, smart phone, or tablet to the largest format setting for better quality outcome of your final products. 

•When taking photo of your tortoise, please make sure your tortoise appears LARGE in the photo. Please don't take picture of your tortoise from distance which will make your tortoise look small in the photo, and the final products quality will not look great. 

•Some photo taking tips: make sure your tortoise head is sticking out of the shell, eyes are open and bright, limbs come out of the shell, preferably placing your tortoise on flat surface so there is no obstacle/grass obstructing the tortoise, and lastly, you can sprinkle some water on your tortoise, as it will enhance the color of the shell. 

•Please do not send blurry images, as I will not be able to fix the issue. But I will do my best to fix some of the imperfections in your photo.

How long will will it take to receive my ordered item?

It will take 5-10 business days to deliver your ordered item.

Can I order extra items using my personalized design?

Yes. Once I have your design on file, you can order them in any applicable item with regular pricing. Just contact me after you place your order.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, thank you.